Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evil and Love

Do you ever wonder if evil really exists in our everyday lives? We think, certainly not. Certainly somebody is not so evil as to make our lives a living hell on a daily basis. Even if they did, certainly they were not trying to… Because people are inherently good. Or are they? And even if people as a group are not inherently good, certainly I am, because I have good intentions everyday to generally do the right thing. Or do I?

When our lives become disrupted by glimpses of evil, we are taken aback. We wonder who, in their right mind would want to murder, cheat, lie, and steal.  After all, we (and our inherently good selves) would NEVER do those things. We are good people, with good intentions. But I do think evil invades our minds, and souls more frequently than not.

If evil is really the opposition of love, in what instances do we see evil in our lives? I would say anytime we aren’t actively focused on loving, we could actively allow evil to intrude into our heart.

Evil comes in the form of “you can’t”, “your neighbor has this that you want”, “ you aren’t good enough”, “no one will ever love you the way you are”, “just this one time, it is okay.”

These thoughts so frequently destroy my confidence. Ultimately they destroy my relationship with the creator who came to provide grace for all of the evil things we would ever do in life. So every time I just sit back and do nothing, and think that evil is not invading my heart. Maybe it is. The devil comes to steal our joy, to take everything he can from us. Any time we are not actively focusing on the ultimate example of love maybe we give the devil a chance to enter our vulnerable thoughts and heart.

So what is the solution to this predicament? We cannot avoid evil. It comes in our daily circumstances. It is NOT a rarity in life. People will do evil things. The devil will try and take everything he can from this world, and ultimately he will succeed. Because the world is not where love is grown and cultivated. God IS love.

The more we seek him, the more we find shelter and protections from all of the evil thoughts, actions, and experiences that can push love away from us, the less evil has over our lives. What if we woke up with the mindset to CHOOSE love? Not to be love. Not to think that if we are good people, love will come. But to actively pursue love, by actively pursing a relationship with our almighty creator. And then, all of those relationships that we thought showed a picture perfect image of love, we will realize that love is not human created.  Love is only found in abiding in Him. Now, THAT would be a true example of overcoming evil.

  33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33

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